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Date: 13th January 2017

Identifying the business trends in every year is very important in today’s market. These trends significantly influence on your business and forcing companies either to adapt with the new one or be left behind. Mainly in hospitality and E-marketing field, it’s always an interesting thing to update with the upcoming trends because it mostly reflects on how we do business in the future.

Here we’ve rounded up some of the top trends you need to know for 2016 and how you can give best in the upcoming years.

Hospitality and E-Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2016

2016 Hospitality and E-Marketing Trends

Video Sharing Will Continue To Dominate

Sharing video is the best way to catch attention of potential guest’s in this advanced media world. If you haven’t started yet, then start building video marketing strategy for your property to rank on the Google search results.

Create a viral video content and focus on some interesting facts about your property like infrastructure, maps, history, guides, customer reviews and feedback. After creating the viral video for your property, create a marketing strategy for those content videos. Decide your particular niche and start sharing your video to create brand awareness. Apart from this, also start sharing videos with your existing email and social media marketing strategy, so that sharing videos also improve your SEO because their bounce rates are lower. Indirectly it helps your website to rank on Google’s video search.

Email Marketing Is Must

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to target your potential customers. Create an email marketing strategy to engage with your guests and even cross promote on other channels.

Here are few examples:
  • Share your upcoming seasonal events, special offers and deals.
  • Create a viral content and share with your customers.
  • Share your guest’s stories.
  • Upload content videos in social media channels.
  • Update your website with blogs.

Target Your Customer Base

Target your customer base and create customer profiles as per their interest. These customer profiles help you to figure out how to attract certain types of guests. However, there is a lot of difference to target the family members and a serial adventures travelers. Your property should attract different types of guests so it’s important to identify what drives your customers.

Plan your seasonal events more innovatively so that your guests should revisit your website. And take time to create customer profiles in order to target your specific customers

Online Reviews

Online reviews matters a lot when your customer is looking or a place to stay in an unknown place. Before promoting any seasonal events, make sure that you do a thorough search for customer review, and respond them when it is necessary. It creates a good impact on your brand when you response for the reviews, but replying for the negative review is important. And also it creates a bad impression on your property to have an unresolved review. So you can mitigate damage to your brand by explaining circumstance and being gracious.

Here are few E-marketing trends that can assist you

Marketing Automation

Marketing companies are coming up with more ways to automate the marketing strategies and creating new way in generating leads and prospect nurturing.

Using the automated marketing strategies in different platform makes it easier to schedule emails, automate social media posting, and track the customer journey in your marketing funnel. This marketing automation trend builds an easy way to stay focused, highlights the growth of convergence and more profitable without compromising with the quality.

User Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content is the most compelling content type and this remain will throughout the way of 2016. The main goal of the UGC is customers should become promoters of your brand. It indirectly helps to build trust and easily reach to a bigger audience.

Social media is incorporated with the user generated content for an online business. You can re-share the users post and register your business in review websites, this not only reflect on your exposure but also give your business social proof.

New ways to Measure ROI

One of the toughest tasks in E-marketing is the fact that is hard to measure your Return on Investment. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to keep track with your marketing strategies and to verify whether those strategies are giving 100% results or not. As a result, it’s vital to think of other ways to measure ROI. Even you can consider customer engagement, brand perception and many other ways to measure ROI.

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